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Agents / Casting Directors and even Youtubers can now go beyond their localized talent pool to explore, meet new Talents (Models, Actors, Singers, Artists & many other) for a specific skill set of their choice.


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With new OTT Video On Demand (VOD) needs increasing, Talent New APP is a perfect app to keep all talents posted with your latest work, jobs and more. Get in touch with talented people across the globe for your projects and day to day needs. 


Start by posting jobs for free, get real insights on views, match profiles and create shoutouts and mailers. 


Future editions:- Become part of global Video on Demand, advertising and communications movement and come on board Talent New APP - Find Real Talents for Real Work 



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Get the latest features to boost your presence in Digital Space and get 100s of Talents across the job with proven track record. Use match feature in the APP and post jobs like a Pro. Now available globally. 

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About Us:


Talent New is a startup focusing on creating more open job/opportunities information to Talents (Models, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Photographers, Makeup Artists ad more. 

Built with a vision to cater to everyone across the globe with simple, easy to use APP that has a NO Spam Policy, Strict Privacy and Safety features. 

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