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Mobile APP for Models, Actors, Agents, Casting Directors, Youtubers, Agencies, Singers, Makeup Artists & others.​

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What is Talent New App?

Talent New APP is a modern solution to everyday problems of Talents. Talents can be a model, actor, fashion stylist, singer, music composer or anyone who wants to showcase/work in a particular skill set. Talent New App solves this problem by allowing Agents (Casting Directors, Producers, Directors and Business Owners) to post jobs on the platform & allow Talents to apply for these jobs. Talent New App keeps strict measures for the safety and privacy of all Talents with no-spam policy. 

Who can use Talent New APP?

Talent New APP has two types of users:

1. Talents: Anyone who has a particular skill set and wants job/work. E.g. Models, Actors, Singers, Makeup Artists, Stylists, Fashion Bloggers, Photographers

2. Agents: Particularly the one who wants to offer the job to Talents. E.g. Casting Directors, Model Agency, Youtubers, Producers, Directors 


All Agents need to verify and upload TAX Details, ID Proof so that Talent New APP filters spam if any, Talent New APP follows strict no-spam policy. Every Agent who is verified gets a Verified Tage + Bonus options to upload jobs and avail services of Talent New APP. 

Available for soft launch in INDIA  - for business enquiries contact us at info@talentnew.com


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About Us:


Talent New is a startup focusing on creating more open job/opportunities information to Talents (Models, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Photographers, Makeup Artists ad more. 

Built with a vision to cater to everyone across the globe with simple, easy to use APP that has a NO Spam Policy, Strict Privacy and Safety features. 

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